Veil Cover Cream – Pro Kit

You may have been wondering what the new product is I keep posting in photos and tagging on social media? Cover Cream is an amazing cover up product which can be used to camouflage tattoos , scarring and birth marks as well as being used as foundation/concealing clear skin.I first found this product online whilst searching for a cover up product and found that they were based in Newcastle. The reviews and videos looked amazing so I purchased a sample pack to test out and love it!I then purchased the pro kit which contained 34 shades which is perfect for my makeup kit when working freelance as well as in the salon. The products work brilliant on camera as well as looking flawless in real life!I have been using the products more and more during photo shoots as well as bridal bookings and beauty makeup appointments!If any of my clients are looking for a product with super high coverage or wanting to hide a scar or skin problem drop me a message or call in to the salon for a colour match! This will make sure you purchase the correct colour online as you can buy each shade individually My work has been featured on the company’s social media pages and they recently asked me to review their pro kit to be published on their website below Below are some images where Veil has been used as well as a link to their websitehttp://veilcovercream.com